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Arbitrx gives you the opportunity to earn money by recommending our funds to others
You can start refrring others the moment you invest in any of our funds.

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1:2 Unlimited-level partner program

A 1:2 unlimited-level partner program is utilized by the Arbitrx platform. Invite your friends to sign up for the Arbitrx platform and you will be eligible to receive up to 25% commission on investment amount.

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Refer a friend to Arbitrx and you’ll both save money on your bills. Got a lot of friends? You can earn thousand of dollars each month.

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Automated Rewardss

Give that “Start referring” button a click and log in with your Self Serve account to send referral links to others.
Once your friends submit their info, we’ll send them instructions to complete the process.
Your job is done! When one of your friends completes the investment process, the rewards will be applied to everyone.

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